Go Greener this Black Friday 🌱

Black Friday or Greener Black Friday: the choice is yours!

At POGS, we're committed to limiting our impact on our planet (find out more here). Choosing POGS means you’re already making the greener choice.

This Black Friday, we’re taking it a step further by giving you the choice between 15% discount or to use part of your discount to plant an extra tree 🌱. When you choose the Greener Black Friday option, you’ll receive an 8% discount off your POGS purchase, and the remaining 7% will go to planting extra trees. And, you’ll receive a digital certificate by email with your order confirmation acknowledging your contribution. 

The above applies to all products included in the 2023 Black Friday promotion. And all trees planted under Greener Black Friday are on top of our ongoing commitment of investing 10% of our profits into reforestation.

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POGS supports Bosques de Agua in Argentina this Black Friday

100% proceeds of the Greener Black Friday tree purchases will go to Bosques de Aqua in Argentina. Under the Greener Black Friday program, extra trees will be planted for every set of headphones sold. 1 tree for every 'The Elephant' (wired), and 2 trees for every 'The Gecko' (wireless).

In Córdoba, Argentina, only 3% of the high altitude forests remain. The native tree that grows at these heights is the Tabaquillo (Polylepis australis). Bosques de Agua is the largest project in Argentina to cover the mountains with forests again!

Tabaquillo forests are truly magical places. They are also home and refuge for hundreds of native animal and plant species. Filled with springs and streams, they are oases of life, shade, humidity, and microclimate in the Sierras de Córdoba. They are vital for these mountainous ecosystems: they protect the soil from erosion, help the proper movement of water, and provide a unique habitat for other species found under their shadow.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, Tabaquillo-forests belong to the most endangered tropical and subtropical mountain forest ecosystems of the world.

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