Our values

Welcome to POGS! Great to have you visit us. We are a young brand for which the seed was planted in 2016. We're using headphones more and more, starting at an early age. Yet great headphones designed specifically for young people didn’t exist. Let alone headphones developed with consideration for the environment. Our aim is to deliver the best headphones for the next generation based on our four guiding principles.

Every day use.

Products should be used every day, and last. Products that break quickly or get used very little, are the ultimate waste of resources. They end up in a cupboard somewhere or in the trash can.

Quality and durability are key requirements in our product development and manufacturing. In the unfortunate case that something is not to your satisfaction with POGS, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions or user manuals to resolve the issue or reach out to us (click here).

The power of connection.

Power lies in connecting with those and that around us. Social interaction enhances our development. With more time spent behind electronic devices, we risk isolation. That’s why POGS headphones can with each other to explore content together. And with Doodas, you can get creative together and make POGS yourown.

Connecting with nature is important for us all, we’re part of it. We aim to trigger interest in nature by naming our products after animals and by using animal textures on the products.

Treasure nature.

We need to consider our impact on our planet with everything we do. Living without any impact is near impossible, but we can work to minimize it. At POGS, we don’t use any single use plastics. We have zero waste manufacturing. We only use non-toxic materials, and where possible recycled materials. Our packaging and Doodas are made of 100% recycled materials, and we’re on a mission to use recycled plastics in our headphones. Our manufacturing and products are cruelty-free: vegan and free of child labor.

We aspire to a world in which natural beauty and biodiversity are restored for generations to come. We invest 10% of our profits in regenerating nature by planting trees and we aim to plant 500,000 POGS trees by 2026.

Find the latest on our progress here.

Skills, not egos.

Life, and business, is best built on skills. Rather than thinking about big job titles, impressive office spaces, or swanky company cars, we simply focus on bringing great products to market. Directly to you, online-only to cut out the middlemen. This enables us to offer premium products at affordable prices.

To make all of this happen, we have built an extensive network of highly skilled, independent professionals, all dedicating their skills and passion to building POGS.

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