Our impact

We care deeply about the impact we have on our planet. While we’re a young company, we have big ambitions. Starting small, we plan to exponentially grow our positive impact and reduce negative impact at the same time.

Creating a POGS forest

We have set an ambitious goal: to plant 500.000 trees by 2026.

Why trees? Trees purify our water, capture CO2, and produce oxygen. Trees also provide shelter for animals and protect the soil. 

POGS invests 10% of our profits in well-established organizations, like Tree-Nation, and Landlife. We carefully select projects that ensure that the right trees are planted in the right areas, and that they can grow for decades. Since 2020, we have started planting 10,263 trees in Senegal, France, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and India. We still have a long way to go, but we believe we can make it – with your support!


Loving animals

You may have noticed that POGS loves animals, we even named our products after a few. The Gecko wireless, The Elephant wired, and our Frogbites that hold the Doodas’ in place. We might even have a few more to add to the pack soon! So, it comes as no surprise that all our products are completely vegan!

That means that no components, like glues, or processing aids in production, like oils, are of animal origin.

We can proudly state: zero animals are hurt by POGS!

Using recycled materials

If we can reuse materials, we will. All of our packaging, as well as the Doodas, are already made of 100% recycled material. A good first step, but not enough in our opinion. While all the plastics in our headphones are recyclable, we are actively working on increasing the amount of recycled plastics in our headphones as well.

Avoiding all single use plastics

How many single-use plastics do we have in our packaging? Zero. Plastic is a very versatile material and lasts for a very, very long time; there should be no reason why we only use it once. Smart design allows us to avoid single use plastics all together.

By choosing POGS, our customers have already saved nearly 6,000 kgs of single use plastics (*compared to other brands of kids headphones). That’s the equivalent to 53 elephant calves 🐘 or 88,000 geckos 🦎!

Manufacturing without waste

We are very efficient in how we produce our headphones. We make sure that we use or recycle all materials during production. In 2022, only 355 kilograms of 'waste' was generated during the production of all our headphones, and every single kilo was recycled!

As a result, zero waste from POGS manufacturing goes to landfill or incineration. We follow suit and recycle at the office and home as well! 

What our customers have to say